Francis Parker Yockey, The Proclamation of London of the European Liberation Front (1949).

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Throughout all Europe there is stirring today a great superpersonal Idea, the Idea of the Imperium of Europe, the permanent and perfect union of the peoples and nations of Europe. This Idea embodies in itself the entire content of the future, for unless this Idea is fulfilled, there will be no European future.

Those who regard this Idea, which is expressed at this moment in the Liberation Front, as a danger to them, wish to destroy it at all costs. Its enemies are, first, the anti-European forces without the Western Civilization who, at this moment of history, dominate the entire world, and second, their subservient lackeys within the Western Civilization, the reactionary party-politicians, together, with the self-interested forces they represent. Both are united in their blind hatred of this young and vital Idea, which is irresistibly releasing forces which threaten to engulf these old powers of reaction, finance-capitalism, class-war, and Bolshevism.

This is addressed to the entire Western Civilization: to the colonies planted all over the world, and to the heart and soul of the West, the Mother-soil and Father-Culture of Europe. It is Europe that is the focus of the historical force of the world. The profundity and strength of this soul and body dominate even those extra-European forces which have just concluded a temporarily victorious war against Europe, and who are now engaging in preparations for war against one another, in which each hopes to push its crude and formless lust for negative conquest even to the mastery of the world. In the plans of their masters of today, the true American people and the Russian people figure only as expendable material. In these two populations, there are wide and deep strata which inwardly belong to the Western Civilization and who look to the sacred soil of Europe as to their origin, their inspiration and their spiritual home. To these also, this proclamation is addressed.

By gigantic war, by terror, and by manifold persecution, the party-politicians and their extra-European masters have sought and seek to stifle this mighty Idea. They have sought in vain to deprive it of voice, and of all means of self-expression, through the written word or the spoken.

They themselves thus testify that the Liberation Front is already a power in Europe. Against the organic Imperative of the Front, they seek to enlist all the forces of the past. They create thus a spiritual disjunction which compels all men to take their place on the one side or the other.

It has become necessary that those who are in the service of this Idea should proclaim to the Western Civilization the spiritual foundations and significance of the Liberation Front and of the Imperium of Europe for which the Front will clear the way, for this Front is the sole creative force of our times. Therefore the representative adherents of the Front, from all, the former nations of Europe, have gathered together in London for the purpose of documenting their outlook, their aim, and their position in the world. This Proclamation is published in the original in the German, English, Spanish, Italian, French and Flemish languages.

I. The Historical Foundations of the Liberation Front

1. The Unity of the Western Culture

From the beginning, the Western Culture has been a spiritual unit. This basic, universally formative fact is in the sharpest contrast to the shallow and ignorant outlook of those who pretend that the unity of the West is a new idea, a technical thing which can only be brought about on a limited and conditional basis.

From its very birth-cry in the Crusades, the Western Culture had one State, with the Emperor at its head, one Church and religion, Gothic Christianity, with an authoritarian Pope, one race, one nation, and one people, which felt itself, and was recognized by all outer forces, to be distinct and unitary. There was a universal style, Gothic, which inspired and informed all art from the crafts to the cathedrals. There was one ethical code for the Culture-bearing stratum, Western chivalry, founded on a purely Western feeling of honour. There was a universal language, Latin, and a universal law, Roman law. Even in the very adoption of older, non-Western things, the West was unitary. It made such things into an expression of its proper soul, and it universalized them.

More important than anything else, this Culture felt itself to be a power-unit as against all outer forces, whether barbarians like the Slavs, Turks and Mongols, or civilized like the Moors, Jews, and Saracens. Embryonic national differences existed even then within the West, but these differences were not felt as contrasts, and could not possibly become at that time the focus of a struggle for power. A Western knight was fighting equally for his Fatherland whether in battle against the Slav or the Turk on the Eastern Marshes of Germany, against the Moor in Spain, Italy, or Sicily, or against the Saracen in the Levant. The outer forces recognized as well this inner unity of the West. To Islam, all Westerners whatever were lumped together as Franks, giaours.

This higher Cultural unity embraced within its rich possibilities the several Nation-Ideas which were to actualize so much of Western history, for it is obviously a part of the divine plan that a High Culture create as phases of its own unfolding, not only higher aesthetic units, schools of music, painting, and lyric, higher religious and philosophical units, schools of mysticism and theology, higher bodies of nature-knowledge, schools of technics and scientific research, but also higher power-units within itself, Emperor versus papacy, Estates versus Emperor and Pope, Fronde versus King, Nation versus Nation. In Gothic times, the intra-Cultural power struggle between Emperor and Pope was always strictly subordinated, by the universal conscience, to the outer tension with the non-member of the Culture, the barbarian and heathen. The Nations existed then, but not as power-units, not as political organisms. The members of the nations felt themselves to be different from one another, but the differences were in no case determining of the whole orientation to life. A Slavic, Turkish, or Moorish attack on Europe was met by forces drawn from all parts of Europe.

The first political expression of Europe was in the Crusades, in which Europe was a power-unit, acting against the outer world in unitary self-assertion of its new-born soul. Alongside of this form of politics there arose the tension, which endured for three centuries within the Culture, of the twin factions of Emperor and Pope. And then from the middle of the 13th century began the revolt of the great barons and bishops against the absolute power of Emperor and Pope. This was a step further away from the prime Cultural unity, but it in no way affected the great essential idea of unity of the West vis-à-vis any extra-Cultural force. Thus, during this period, the Pope decreed that the crossbow was a barbarous weapon and forbade its use against members of Western Christendom, but expressly sanctioned its use against barbarians and heathens.

The increasing political differentiation within the Culture was simply the organic process of fulfilling the manifold possibilities of the soul of the Western Culture. The entire process was organically necessary, and thus divinely necessary, for the soul of a High Culture is a direct emanation of the Godhead. The development continued with the breaking of the religious unity of the West, in Renaissance, Reformation and Counter-Reformation. These phenomena, religious in origin, show us the true meaning of the political: whenever any superpersonal movement or idea rises to the intensity at which it involves the question of life or death, it therewith becomes political, regardless of its origin in a non-political sphere. From that moment, the contestants are States, political organisms, regardless of how they describe themselves, and the way of conducting the organism is the political way: dividing the world into friend and enemy; seeking after power, and not after truth; pursuing alliance, war, and negotiation and not conversion and salvation. This is the lesson of the Reformation-centuries as it had been of the centuries of the Papal-Imperial conflict.

Accompanying the break-down of religious unity, which transformed itself into a political struggle, was the rise of the dynastic State, and the beginning of large-scale intra-Cultural wars among Western States. Again, the disunifying process within the Culture was limited. The intra-European wars which took place were conditioned entirely by the great Pact, felt and understood by all, that the European States belonged to the same Cultural world. Thus these wars never proceeded to the political annihilation of the opponent. They were prosecuted only to the point where the limited issue which had occasioned the war could become the object of negotiations which could satisfy both contestants.

The handing over of a strip of territory, or the recognition of an inheritance such were the limited issues of these intra-Cultural wars. The scale of these dynastic wars gradually increased, until the dynastic form of politics itself finished, towards the close of the 18th century, when a new form of intra-Cultural power-struggle emerged.

But during the centuries of dynastic politics, with its limited wars, and its consequent preservation of Cultural unity, the other type of politics, with its other form of war, went on between Western political units and outer forces: absolute politics. These wars were unconditioned by the fact of mutual membership in a High Culture, and the presence of a common code of honour, for the barbarian and the heathen did not share the feeling of Western chivalrous obligations. The Hussite Wars, 1420-1436, show the nature of warfare between a Culture-people and a barbarian people. For 16 years, the Hussite armies flooded over large areas of Germany, burning, ravaging, killing, and destroying. This nihilistic Slavic outburst was totally unconnected with any constructive war-aim, and was thus merely an early expression of what is now called Bolshevism, the spirit of negation and destruction, wherever it manifests itself, which aims at the utter annihilation of everything Western. During the centuries of Gothic and Baroque, it was primarily Germany and Spain which protected the body of the West, and saved it from the barbarian horrors which had been its fate if the outer forces had prevailed.

2. The Age of Materialism

During the centuries of its growth and unfolding, the Western Culture increased in power and maturity. The inner aspects of life steadily receded before the external aspects, until by the and of the 18th century, the West stood before its deepest crisis up to that time. Since the issue was great, fundamental, and intense, it immediately became a matter of life and death, that is to say, political. The great crisis took political shape in the French Revolution. As ever, when an idea rises to political intensity, it absorbs everything else within it, and focuses all human attention and effort onto the power-struggle. The Revolution, however, was not French alone, but European.

This total revolution marked the victory of democracy over aristocracy, parliamentarism over the State, mass over quality, Reason over Faith, equality-ideals over organic hierarchy, of Money over Blood, of Liberalism, pluralism, free capitalism, and criticism over the organic forces of Tradition, State and Authority, and in one word, of Civilization over Culture. Rationalism and materialism were the common denominators of all the new ideas which rose in revolt against the old order of thought, State, economy, society, war, and politics. Metaphysics was to be a matter of weighing and measuring; government was to be a matter of counting noses; economy was to be entirely reduced to money-trading; the structure of society was to be a reflex of money; international relations of war and politics were to be the apotheosis of national egoism, with utter, disregard of the great, inclusive, Cultural unity, of which the nations are mere separate manifestations.

Even today, after more than a century of undermining, the traditional connections of the Culture-bearing, stratum of Europe are unimpaired, and reach straight back to the self-evident pride and mastery of our Gothic youth. And this connection is not weaker, but stronger with time, for the direction of our spiritual development has changed, and a second great world-transformation has occurred in the life the West.

We are now in the midst of the second great turning-point of the maturity of Culture. The noise and shouting of democracy and materialism have died away; liberalism has become a foul tyranny masking an evil and anonymous dictature of money; the parliaments talk now only to themselves, and it no longer matters what they say; the critics have dissolved themselves in their own acid, and cannot believe now in either their methods or their results; rapacious capitalism has eaten up its own foundations; finance has converted the nations into huge spider-webs of debt in which all Western mankind is trapped; above all, fanatical chauvinism has destroyed all the former Fatherlands and delivered them to the occupation of extra-European forces, of barbarism and Culture-distortion.

All of this is the legacy of the Age of Materialism. The servants of that Age continue to apply its outmoded and sterile methods to the living tasks of the present. But even as their dead and rigid hands grip the reins of power, the revolt continues. They cannot build a wall against Destiny; they cannot order History and Time to stop in their tracks. The assertion of liberal-capitalistic-democratic-parliamentarism that it has a timeless and eternal right to rule is an organic lie. The methods of the materialistic Age, its antiquated ideologies and cadaverous sterility, cannot even survive except as an instrument of extra-European forces, unfeeling to the inner force of European destiny.

Even as the cadaver of Materialism tries to divert the life-blood of the new and vital forces into its hardened arteries, it sinks deeper into the clammy rigidity of Death. Against this corpse rises now the upthrust of the Resurgence of Authority, the highest embodiment of the old, eternally young and manly virtues of Discipline, Responsibility, Duty, Loyalty, and Faith. In the face of the chaos of individualistic-liberal-capitalism, it flings its demand for a superpersonal ethical-socialist Order. Over the equality-ideals of democracy and the chaos of national and international pluralism rises now the imperative of Hierarchy and Imperium. Displacing suicidal petty-statism is the Idea of the monolithic Culture-State-Nation-Race-People of Europe as the prelude to the greatest task of all: the expression of the absolute western will to unlimited political Imperialism.

The ultimate outcome of this gigantic struggle is known to us, for we have seen before this struggle of the Past to retard the Future. From 1800 to 1850, the reactionary adherents of the negative alliance against democracy allied themselves with the ideas and methods of the Past in order to prevent the Future. But it was the democrats of that time who represented the true idea of the times, and history does not go backward. The Holy Alliance had to fail, regardless of the material power at its disposal, for armies and cannon cannot fight against an Idea.

Within a mere century, the democrats, egalitarians, liberals, critics, ideologues and parliamentarians have become the most radical opponent of the Spirit of the Age, for this Age is no longer that of Money, Democracy, and Equality, but that of Authority, Discipline, and Faith.

No more than the Liberal-democrats could be permanently suppressed in 1850 can they suppress us in 1950. Even as the liberal-democratic tyrants bring their economic pressure, they have a bad conscience. They show it further in their vacillation between senseless cruelty and clumsy bribery, in their childish propaganda and their vain cajolery. But to the bearers of a superpersonal mission, no yielding is possible, either to terror or to compromise, for this mission emanates directly from the ultimate reality of God. To the materialistic-liberal-Communist-democrats, the inner enemy of Europe, we present only one, unalterable demand: they must vanish from the face of History.

Against this inner enemy and the spirit he embodies, we now document our charges before all Europe.

In three realms, materialistic-communistic-liberal-democracy has injured the body and thwarted the Destiny of Europe: (1) within the European nations, (2) in the relations among the nations of Europe, and (3) in the relations of Europe to the rest of tho world.

II. The Chaos of the Present

A. The Undermining of the Nations

1. Class-War

In its first phase, the great revolution of nationalism and Materialism turned itself against the two poles of the Cultural life, the forces of Authority in the spiritual life and the political-social life, Encyclopedism, Jacobinism, Freemasonry, and Republicanism are some of its early forms. They fought all signs of rank, and against anything which had grown organically through the centuries. The spirit of this revolt permeated the ruling strata in some countries, particularly in France, and it was this weakness above that made the Revolution and the Terror of 1793 possible. The canaille never breaks loose until the ruling elements permit it; this was equally true in 1789 as in 1944, with the American conquest of Europe.

The worship of Reason applied to State and Society developed the test of quantity as the sole measure of legitimacy. Not rank, talent, genius or ability, but number alone mattered to the materialists. The source of power, according to the doctrinaire democrats was in the broadest, most undifferentiated mass of the population, and not in the spiritually differentiated strata born with the mission of accomplishing the life-task of the Nation, and actualizing the national Idea.

Blindly, the democratic ideologues continued with their work of levelling and destroying. In the century 1850-1950 they actually succeeded in undermining the State and society. What succeeded the old order? Nothing that the democrats of the early period had sought. The new centre of gravity of Life was in economics, and the dominating economic rivalry was between the industrial-capitalist and the financier. All the idealism and all the sacrifice of the egalitarians had only succeeded in wiping out an organic aristocracy and substituting for it a sordid and vulgar plutocracy. Within all countries, there now began the next form of class-war, the war between economic groups instead of between social groups. The differences engendered by quality and tradition had been undermined, and the economic materialism now supplied the cadre of forms of the struggle.

By speculation and manipulations on the exchange, the finance-capitalist attacked the productive forms of property so that they might all be working for him, the unseen and unknown master, controlling the economic life of continents through his universal network of debts and interest. The exigencies of the struggle forced the industrialists to squeeze every possible source of profit tighter, and thus to increase the already cruel oppression of the labourers and their families.

The ruling code of honour was now that of the cut-throat, and the economic life of the nations was a vile scramble for profit. Into this scramble there now entered new contestants. First was the proletariat, which now allied itself with the finance-capitalist in the attack on the industrialist from above and below. The proletarian conscript was fitted out by his self-chosen non-proletarian leaders with a doctrine, organization, and tactics. The doctrine was that the entire history of the world was nothing but a continual class struggle, with money as its sole end and aim. The fact that this repulsive and grotesque outlook could even be formulated is itself the only commentary necessary on the kind of world Liberalism creates. The organization-form was the trade-union, and the tactic was the strike. All three, the doctrine, the organization, and the tactic, are entirely economic, purely materialistic and capitalistic. Although they proclaimed themselves against capitalism, they thought in its cadre, shared its aim, and fought with its weapons.

Instead of manipulating the supply of goods, like the industrialist, or the supply of money, like the finance-capitalist, they manipulated the supply of labour. The labour-leader now became the third member of the snarling capitalist trinity.

2. The Emergence of the Jew

More important than these domestic contestants was a new element, the Culture-alien. His entrance into Western affairs was a direct result of the victory of Rationalism and Materialism. Since only quantity mattered, then obviously the quality of a man was indifferent. The fact that he came from a different Culture, that therefore he felt himself to be a member of a different race, people, nation, State, religion, society — these meant nothing to the doctrinaire liberals. They spoke fervently of "humanity" and wished to embrace it, little thinking that outside of the Western Culture there was no reciprocal feeling, but only sullen envy, indifference, or resentment. The liberal ideology prevailed, and from that moment the Rothschilds, Ricardos, Marxs, Lasalles, Bobels, Dreyfuses, Guggenheims, Loebs, Trotskys, Staviskys, Kruegers, Baruchs, Frankfurters, and Blums entered into the public life of the West.

The Culture-State-Nation-Religion-Race-People of the Jew is a product of a Culture which was already completed and rigidified by the time of our Gothic period. At the time when we were just emerging from the primitive, these Culture-aliens dispersed themselves throughout Europe. Money-thinking, regarded as evil by the West, was the forte of the Jew. Interest-taking was forbidden to Westerners by their religion, and the Jew was not slow to seize the usury monopoly that this conferred on him.

In the Culture of which the Jew was a product, a nation was a unit of belief, entirely independent of the notion of territory, of Fatherland. Strewn over all Europe, the Jew naturally regarded all Westerners as alien. There was no place in the Western world of Gothic Christianity, chivalry, piety, and simple agricultural economy for this landless and uprooted stranger with his Torah and Talmud, his money and his cynicism, his dualistic ethics, one for his own kind, and another for the goyim. The Jew created his own ghetto as a symbol of his complete inner isolation from his environment. The general feeling of the religious Gothic Age was that the Jew was the creation of the Devil, who appointed him to drive his trade of usury.

Between the members of the Western Culture and this element which lived in and on the body of the West, but in no way shared in or contributed to its development, there arose mutual hatred and oppression. Crusaders massacred entire Jewish communities on their way to the Levant, and returning. Protests against usury produced plunder and burning of the Jews. Popes and Scholastic philosophers denounced the Jew. All Western kings, at one time or another, drove out the entire Jewish population of their kingdoms. Jews were hanged en masse as reprisal for their usury and counterfeiting. Any possibility of assimilation of the parasite by the host that may have been present was forever rendered impossible by the infinitely deep resentment and revenge-imperative that developed in the Culture-State-Nation-Race-People of the Jew.

Between him and his Western host-surroundings there was no inner connection. He looked upon all Western developments with an even eye, the eye of the calculating spectator who seeks solely his own advantage. Shylock is the symbol of the Jew in the Western Culture, the usurer counting his coins and accumulating his resentment. For almost a thousand years the Jew drank his gall and bided his time, and then at last his opportunity emerged. With the coming of materialism, capitalism, democracy, and liberalism, a great wave of excitement went through the Jewish world. The Jew had seen the potentialities of these things and had fostered their growth in every way. The Illuminati and all of its Freemasonic offspring were infiltrated by the Jew and made into instruments of his revenge-politics. To the Jew the great attraction of all of these Western movements was that they were quantitative, and thus all tended to break down the exclusiveness of the West, which had kept him out of its power-struggles, and confined in his ghetto, dreaming of his revenge for centuries of persecution. Henceforth, he was generously accorded the same spiritual status as Westerners in their own Culture, and the same civic status as Westerners in their own Nation-States. He kept his own exclusiveness of course, and his own public life, for the New Year's Resolutions of Liberalism — humanitarian is in, brotherly love, "tolerance" and the like were one-sided. They were a phase of our development and could not be echoed in the Jewish organism, which had long since passed beyond all development, like the Chinese, Hindus, and Moslems.

In finance, in trade, in society, in education, in letters, in diplomacy, the Jew now forged steadily ahead, a closed organism inside an open one. While Westerners applied the test of ability, the Jew chose his associates and subordinates on the basis of their membership in his Culture-State-Nation-Race, or in one of his secret societies which extended horizontally through the Western nations.

By 1858 the Jew was able effectively to demonstrate his ability to direct the power of Western States into his channels, in the Mortara affair. During the entire 19th century, the Jew intervened constantly in the internal and external affairs of all the European Nation-States. Within each country he sought to impose the policy which would give the Jew at last the complete mastery over the Western Civilization. Thus in England, he was an Imperialist and Free-Trader, in Germany and Austria he was a liberal and social-democrat, in France he was a liberal or communist.

During the latter part of the 19th century, the Jew embarked upon an invasion of America, when the word went through the Jewish Culture-State-Nation-Race that opportunities were as great there and resistance was less, because of the absence of high traditions. In Europe, it has been impossible for the Jew to annihilate Tradition, which constantly opposed its silent and strong barrier, but in America, because of its colonial origins, there had never been creativeness and exclusiveness, and there were no barriers to the Jew. America was more thoroughly disintegrated by rationalism, materialism, liberalism and democracy than any European land, because a colony has not, and cannot have, the spiritual profundity and continuity of the Mother-soil of the Culture. As a result, the success of the Jew has been greatest in America, and in the year 1933, the entire continent of America passed into the control of the Jewish Culture-State-Nation-Race-People.

The presence of a Culture-alien generates spiritual, political, economic, and social phenomena of a kind which could never arise from domestic elements and happenings. These phenomena are manifestations of Culture-disease and of necessity arise when human groups are in contact which do not share the same Culture. When one of the groups belongs to the Culture, and the other does not — the case of the negroes in the Boer colony, or the negroes and Indians in Brazil — the relationship is simply Culture-parasitism. The disease-condition displaces Culture-members and has a slowly sterilizing effect on the Culture-body.

More aggravated is the condition when the Culture-alien intervenes in the pubic, and spiritual affairs of the host, for then he must of his own inner necessity distort the life of the host, warping and frustrating its proper tendencies to make them serviceable to his alien needs. The Jew is the only Culture-alien who at present exercises this Culture-distortion on the life of the Western Civilization.

The domestic disease-elements within the Culture which wish to retain the outmoded ideas and methods of the Past and to fight against the creative spirit which is actualizing a Cultural mission, are the forces of Culture-retardation. These have been brought into the service of the Culture-distorter. Actually these elements simply desire to lead, but are themselves incapable of leadership, and therefore devote their lives to opposition to great formative Ideas, creative spiritual currents, and leaders of vision and genius. They are the churchills, the spaaks, the gaulles, the rejects of higher history who offer themselves to the forces of negation and destruction. The most critical form of the disease of Culture-retardation is the condition in which it seeks to prevent the realization of the Idea of the Future even at the shame of allying with outer forces, the degradation of becoming their vassal, and the risk of destroying the entire Culture. Before showing the effect of the disease-elements on the external relations of the Culture, their internal effects must be summarized.

3. Social Degeneration

The forces of rationalism, materialism, atheism, Jacobinism, democracy, and liberalism became ever more radical in their demands during their century. Their most intransigent product was communism. The leading values of communism are identical with those of liberal democracy: communism also preaches the economic meaning of life, the supremacy of the individual, the sublimity of "happiness", the doctrine of heaven-on-earth, the superiority of the lowest type of man, materialism, criticism, atheism, intellectualism, hatred of authority, race suicide, feminism, and pacifism. The sole difference between liberal-democracy and communism in practice was that communism was an intensification of those beliefs to the point where they became political. Liberalism was anti-political, and hope to conquer with drooling sentiments, but communism was filled with an intense hatred which demanded expression in class-war.

All aspects of social decay were permeated by the Culture-distorter, who well realized their value in his programme for ascendancy. At the same time that he spread and advocated all of these forms of social decay for the White nations, he carefully strove to keep his own Culture-State-Nation-Race-People free from them. It was an invariable characteristic of the tactics of the Jew that he himself the bearer of Culture-disease, instinctively allied himself with all forms, theories, doctrines and practices of decadence in every sphere of life.

The degradation of the social life did not merely happen, it was planned, deliberately fostered and spread, and the systematic undermining of the entire life of the West continues today.

The instruments of this assault are the weapons of propaganda: press, radio, cinema, stage, education. These weapons are controlled at this moment in Europe almost entirely by the forces of Culture-disease and social degeneration. The chief fount of the propaganda is the cinema, and from his capital of Hollywood, the Jew spews out an endless series of perverted films to debase and degenerate the youth of Europe, as he has so largely succeeded in doing with the youth of America. Concomitantly he inspires a vicious literature of journalism, novels, and dramas which preach the same message of destruction of healthy individual instincts, of normal familial and sexual life, of disintegration of the social organism into a heap of wandering, colliding, grains of human sand.

The message of Hollywood is the total significance of the isolated individual, stateless and rootless, outside of society and family, whose life is simply the pursuit of money and erotic pleasure. It is not the normal and healthy love of man and wife bound together by many children that Hollywood preaches, but a diseased erotic-for-its-own-sake, the sexual love of two grains of human sand, superficial and impermanent. Before this highest of all Hollywood's values, everything else must stand aside: marriage, honour, duty, patriotism, sternness, dedication of self to a higher aim. This ghastly distortion of the sexual life has created the erotomania which obsesses its millions of victims in America, and which has now been brought to the Mother-soil of Europe by the American invasion.

Not only the individuals are the victims of this technic of degeneration, but the family and the race are dissolved wherever it touches. Divorce replaces marriage, abortion replaces birth, the home acquires a purely commercial raison d’être, the family becomes the battleground of individual strife for personal advantage. The erotic-as-its-own-end deliberately reduces the numbers of the race, even as it also disintegrates the higher organism into sand. As a part of the technic, woman is made into a feminist, an unhappy derailed creature who would contest with man in his own domain and seek to lose all the attributes of her polarity which assure her destiny of its unfolding, and guarantee her the natural dignity which is hers. The end of the process is seen in those wide strata in America which have been completely Hollywoodized. Hollywood-feminism has created a woman who is no longer a woman but cannot be a man, and a man who is devirilized into an indeterminate thing. The name given to this process is the "setting free" of woman, and it is done in the name of "happiness", the magic word of the liberal-communist-democratic doctrine. It accompanies the spreading of inverted Puritanism, which seeks to spread erotomania by surrounding the sexual life with an aura of attractive evil.

From the standpoint of the race, the result of this technic of degeneration is the attenuating, and finally the dying out, of racial instincts. The disintegrated victims, shorn of their organic connections with the great superpersonal content of Life, become unfruitful, lose their will-to-power, and soon lack the ability to believe in or to follow anything onward and upward. They become cynical, give up all inner discipline, seek a life of ease and pleasure, and sneer at all seriousness and honour. All intense feelings depart, for they might involve risk and sacrifice. Love of Fatherland gives way to money-madness and erotomania.

The complete mediocrity that results is shown by the disintegrated and unhappy Americans who were conscripted and thrown onto Europe in the Second World War. Utterly lacking as they were in any desire to fight or to accomplish even the destruction which was expected of them, nevertheless they allowed themselves to be sent abroad and killed rather than defend themselves and their Fatherland against the plans of the alien regime in Washington.

This condition of degeneration, so widespread in America, with its colonial lack of resistance to Culture-disease, and so threatening to Europe under the present American domination, has not arisen by accident. A century ago, the liberal-communist-democrat Karl Marx and his coterie formulated as their programme the destruction of the family, of marriage, and of the Fatherland. They declared a horizontal war against the Western civilization, affirming their aim of disintegrating all social, cultural, and political forms. America is their programme in process of actualization, and its example shows Europe what the liberal-communist-democratic regime of Culture-distortion is preparing for it during the coming generations.

But let there be no mistake: there is nothing inevitable about this Culture-disease. As long as the Culture-organism retains its traditions, its racial instincts, its will-to-power, and its natural exclusiveness and resistance to everything culturally alien, this result cannot be. The example of Quebec is proof. There, healthy instincts of resistance to Culture-disease made it impossible for the Washington regime to conscript the population of an entire third of Canada in its war of revenge, hatred, and destruction against the Father-Culture and Mother soil of Europe. The mass-heroism of the entire Quebec regiment which laid down its arms and refused as a unit when ordered to participate in the hostile invasion of the sacred soil of Europe is all inspiring proof of the presence and high potential, even in the colonies, of the invincible Western tradition of cultural purity and exclusiveness. Similarly, in the Boer colony, strong resistance was continually opposed to the war of the extra-European forces against the Western Culture. Even in America itself, the main focus of the efforts of the Culture-distorter, and the base of his great power, the main body of the people held aloof from the War in the attitude castigated by the alien regime as "isolationist". Far from being isolated, the inner soul of the true American people is connected indivisibly by the strongest possible tie, the mystical cord binding the Mother-Organism to its colony, and it was precisely because of this connecting bond that the American instinct shrank from the hateful war against Europe. It sought isolation only from the foul treason against Europe which was hatched and directed in Washington.

This great fact demonstrates to Europe and to History that America is not lost, and from this moment the Liberation Front exists also in America. The war for the Liberation of the Western Civilization embraces the colonies as well, since it is a horizontal war, like the Culture-diseases against which it is fighting. Attempts to split the West into separate units, economic, political, military, racial, are purely artificial in this age. The vertical battle of all against all belongs to the dead capitalist-nationalistic past, and its resurrection now is simply a technic of the inner enemy, an attempt to strangle the future with the dead clutch of the past. The Liberation Front, both on the Mother-soil and in the colonies, turns its back on the old vertical struggles, and opposes the Washington regime within America as totally as it opposes the puppet administrations it maintains in Europe. Within the Western Civilization itself, there are no more real vertical differences; the only real struggle of this kind in the world is the revolt of the outer world against the supremacy of the European race.

In the sphere of national economy, Culture-disease pursued during the materialistic age the same programme of destruction which the liberal-communist-democratic Marx had enunciated for it. Communist-democratic literature demanded crushing income and inheritance taxes in order to destroy the industrialists and transfer the wealth to the finance-capitalist, whose wealth is invisible, and cannot be found or taxed. In a century-long battle the forces of disease almost completely succeeded in destroying any propertied groups with Western traditions whose ascendancy itself represented a barrier to degeneration and conquest by Culture-distortion. They brought in the device of huge anonymous financial structures, called holding companies, they made the currency of nations a function of their banks, and enforced the principle of constant flux on the national economy, in order to create the possibility of financial coups.

The corrosion of Culture-disease affected not only the forms of society and economy, but those of government as well. Where once the State had stood, speaking authoritatively for all, the focus of respect and the source of order, they introduced the chaos of ideologies, each claiming to have the formula for millennium, the secret of building the old Testament promised land, in each case purely materialistic and economic. They did not speak of a World-Idea, of the Western mission in the world, of the construction of the Imperium of the West, but of trade, distribution, and the exchange. The soul of Western-man was to them a function of imports and exports, of shipping and book-keeping, of possessing and non-possessing, of rivalry between classes. The World-Mission of the West they understood as the securing of markets and raw materials overseas.

Where Authority bad stood, clothed with dignity, they now brought in gabbling parliaments, wherein the gabble became ever more meaningless, and the sham ever more patent. For these deputies are mere things, replaceable units describable only mathematically, in aggregates. Among them there is not, and cannot be, a strong individuality, for a man, a whole and entire man, does not sell himself like these parliamentary whores.

To replace the authoritative principle of public responsibility Culture-disease has brought in the anonymous irresponsibility of the decision of the amorphous majority, which can never again be found after it has committed its treason to Europe. To complete the destruction, the lying fraud of so-called elections tries to re-convince the European peoples every few months that somehow they govern themselves. Between the lies that the candidates offer the populace, and the commitments they make to their real masters, there is not the slightest connection. The programmes submitted to the electorate are compounded out of old liberal-communist-democratic ideological material, long-since historically dead. To these creatures without honour, character, or even bare understanding, the future is to be simply an extension of the past. To talk of new organization is to talk about a bigger and better parliament, of a league of nations with a gigantic parliament, bringing possibilities of higher prices for greater lies. Only the scale is to be raised. Even in England, the birthplace of the parliamentary idea, and the only place where it even had dignity and value, the idea is completely dead. With a sound instinct, the population dubs the local parliament the "gas-house". Everywhere in Europe, the populations show what they think of this putrescent fraud by insulating themselves from it: they close their ears against the programmes and the lies, they hate the ideologies, they boycott the elections, they despise from their souls the entire old-Testament Tower of Babel which today has the temerity to call itself government, and to ask for the confidence of the peoples.

This is the world that the inner enemy, the liberal-communist-democrat, has created, working with, and often under the very direction of the Culture-alien, the State-Nation-People-Race-- Society of the Jew. With their disease of Culture-retardation, with which they would strangle the future of Europe, they have reinforced the diseases of Culture-parasitism and Culture-distortion which are the gift of the Jew to Europe.

They have brought in materialism, atheism, class-war, weak happiness-ideals, race-suicide, social-atomism, racial promiscuity, decadence in the arts, erotomania, disintegration of the family, private and public dishonour, slatternly feminism, economic fluctuation and catastrophe, civil war in the family of Europe, planned degeneration of the youth through vile films and literature, and through neurotic doctrines in education. They have sought to rot Europe, to attenuate its racial instincts, to devirilize it, to deprive it of honour, heroism and manliness, of the sense of its World-Mission, of its sense of Cultural unity, even of its chivalrous military code. They have sought to paralyze the will of Europe and destroy its will-to-power by bringing in the ethical syphilis of Hollywood to poison the sacred soil of Europe.

This we lay to their charge. Those things are facts, and nothing in the future can ever eradicate the knowledge that they have been done and attempted by the inner enemy. Nor is this the full extent of the destruction wrought by the hatred, negation, and revenge of the enemies of Europe. This is the devastation within the peoples of Europe. It remains to document their effect in the sphere of the mutual relations of the nations of Europe, and lastly, in the sphere of the relations of Europe to the outer world.

B. The Destruction of the Political Unity of Europe

During the dynastic period of Western history, although intra-European wars were of large-scale and long duration, they were limited into their aim, and the exploitation of victory was strictly conditioned. They were not national wars, but dynastic wars. Power was the stake, but only power within the prevailing forms of chivalrous ethics, comity, and Cultural unity. This unity was known as the Concert of Europe, and the very name itself reflects the deep sense of unity throughout the European family.

With the coming of the Age of Materialism, and the assault on all the traditions of the West by the forces of liberalism, Jacobinism, democracy, money, and rationalism, the dynastic concept of the Nation-idea slowly broke down and was replaced by the linguistic concept of the nation. The mystical-authoritative symbol of the ruling house had been the ultimate expression of the Nation-Idea for centuries, but now a new age demanded a new form of the nation-concept to reflect the materialistic outlook of the 19th century. Materialism thus created the linguistic test of nationality.

The increasing expansive tendency of the Western organism had resulted in a vast increase of the Western population, the reflection of its more extensive life-task. From this arose huge economic systems, stronger States than any that had previously existed, larger-scale wars, and constant increase of the power-content of the struggle.

The literary concept of the Nation-Idea, isolated the nations from one another, and accentuated their national feelings vis-à-vis one another. Out of this arose the distorted patriotism called chauvinism, or jingoism. It invaded the universities, the world of letters, the cabinets, and the political parties. It concentrated all of its hopes, feelings, ideals, and understanding onto the nations, and in its last stage, it finally attained to the ridiculous idea that nations are the creators of culture, that, thus, there were as many Cultures in Europe as there were nations. Since it had been the feeling of Culture unity which had bound Europe together, and had kept its internal politics and wars limited and chivalrous, this insane form of nationalism was striking at the very basis of the unity of Europe. If, in a war between two European States, each one regarded itself as a Culture, then the opponent was a total enemy, and the struggle was an absolute one. This new concept of war and politics governed the minds of the materialistic democrats and liberals, who now welcomed the jingoist into their republic of destruction. The jingoists reinterpreted the entire Past in terms of the 19th century nations. They spoke of these, nations as though they had always existed, and were mechanically and causally necessary to the existence of the world, as if they were the sole units of higher history, and as if the future, as well the past, belonged to these historical building blocks.

But once more, the materialistic assault was not entirely successful. Tradition did not break down completely, because it is the very core, the wrapping of the soul of the Western Culture. Thus, after the Franco-Prussian War, late in the 19th century, Bismarck saw to the safety and honourable treatment of the defeated French Emperor, and the treaty of peace was in the 18th century chivalrous style. The vertical nationalism of materialistic jingoism did not succeed in destroying entirely the feeling of Cultural unity, and the proof is in the Western reaction to the Chinese Boxer Rebellion in 1900. As one, the European nations joined, together with the American colony in sending a joint expeditionary force to represent and protect Europe as a unit, under the command of the German Field-Marshal Waldersee.

The struggle between Tradition and vertical nationalism continued and finally reached its highest intensity with the caesura of the First World War. But suddenly, with the end of that war, there was a new world in existence. Europe, in that powerful tremor, had entered upon a new phase of its existence. The break was just as profound as that of the Revolution of 1789, the other great turning-point in recent European history. The old notions of materialism nations, society, history, Politics, State, war, culture, education, ethics, science, were all swept away. In their place was a new, complete, organic view of life. Its relation to the old materialist-rationalist-democratic-communist view is most easily understood, not as true to false, but as the Future to the Past. The old materialistic, disintegratory, atomistic, liberal-parliamentary view of the world had simply died a natural death. This is the only way historical Ideas can be overcome, the organic way, by complete fulfillment and death. The First World War itself was a creation -- the last independent creation -- of that old outlook; it was the highest expression of vertical nationalism and the age of materialism.

Out of the death of the age of materialism came the new values. First, in the realm of economics, the favourite preserve of the liberal-communist-democratic gentry, the old ethical principle of capitalism yielded to the new principle of ethical socialism. Instead of the cut-throat code of every man for himself, and the concept of life as a ruthless Darwinian competition to get rich, there arose the new code of each man for all, the feeling that the State is the custodian of the destiny, and thus, of the power, of all within it that the aim of Life is not to get rich, but to actualize one's self and one's possibilities within the higher organism. Instead of the supremacy of economics and individualism, the subordination of economics and the integration of the individual into the superpersonal life. The good conscience and theoretical foundations of laisser-faire vanished.

In the spiritual realm, atheist materialism slowly began to recede from its heights and to yield to a renewal of true religious feelings. In philosophy, sensualism gave way to the historical method, and the organism of the Western Culture throbbed anew with the rediscovery of its unitary destiny and its mighty Imperialist mission in the world.

In the sphere of Society, opposing the chaos of atomism, feminism, disintegration of home and family, race-suicide, and universal decadence, arose the idea of race-ascendancy, fertility, the preservation and integration of society, the return to social health.

The idea of the State resumed its pristine sway in the realm of politics, and parliamentarism, with its chaotic train of election, programmes, utopias, and corruption, took its place among the archaic things. The attempt to use legalism to deprive the European organism of life was overthrown, and the European will-to-power increased. The political life intensified, pacifism disappeared, European man oriented himself to the coming absolute wars for the survival of Europe, and against the outer forces.

After more than a century of constant disintegration, division, and disunification, of a constant crisis arising from the autopathic Culture-disease of rationalist-materialism, the Culture came back once more to health and soundness, to Authority and Faith. The provisional form of the restoration of Europe to health and unification of Europe was gradually assimilated by the countries of Europe, one after the other.

In the First World War, the Rationalism and Materialism, of the 18th and 19th centuries had won a pseudo-victory over the Resurgence of Faith, Authority, and Imperialism, which are the spirituality of the 20th and 21st centuries. The Culture-retarding elements which exploited this victory strove to perpetuate the old ways and ideas. With their capitalist-parliamentary league of nations they accentuated the pluralism of the States of Europe, just as they continued within each State to accentuate social-economic pluralism. The difference now was that these States were not true political units, but merely remnants which had to unite if the organism of Europe were even barely to survive. The attempt in this situation to perpetuate petty-statism and vertical nationalism was treason to Europe and to every petty-State within Europe as well. But treason is the profession of Culture-disease elements; their only acquaintance with Europe's grand Imperialist mission in the world is as with an enemy. When they see something great arising, they resolve in their crooked and envious souls to thwart it and to tear it down.

Thus it is that they resolved to destroy the European Resurgence of Authority, with its reborn Faith, and its high task of uniting the European organism for its World-Mission. When in 1936 the four leading powers of Europe signed a pact forever renouncing war among themselves, and thus affirming their European unity, the Future of Europe seemed forever guaranteed.

But in the outer world, hostile developments towards Europe far transcended the efforts of the inner-disease elements, the liberal-communist-democrats. For in America in 1933, the Culture-State-Nation-Race-People of the Jew had seized the total power, and the entire resources of America were at his disposal in his mission of hatred, revenge, and destruction of the Western Civilization, and in particular of its heart and soul, the European organism. By poisonous propaganda, by bribes on an unprecedented scale, by the purchase of whole governments and parliaments, by financial manipulations with European currencies, and by economic pressure, the Culture-distorting regime of Washington split Europe into two halves and began to prepare a World War against Europe. The instrument of this preparation in America was the monster Roosevelt, who made of his life a study in infamy, and whose name is synonymous with the pinnacle of Jewish power in the world. The Jew and his Roosevelt accomplished what no inner force in Europe ever could have attained, the creation of an unnatural and inorganic war of destruction and terror against Europe which at long last succeeded in its negative aim. The re-union of the European organism is temporarily frustrated, the Resurgence of Authority is temporarily halted, the power of every one of the former States of Europe is reduced to nil, the power of the European organism in the outer world is gone, the prestige of Europe is overshadowed by extra-European powers.

This is the new Europe, the creation of Liberal-communist democracy, the Europe of rationalist-materialism, of proletarian-Marxist-finance-capitalism, of class-war and vertical nationalism pushed to their limits. From the one direction comes the Jew, dragging in his train his nervous unhappy American victims, with their self-appointed task of "educating" Europe; from the other direction, at the invitation of and with the assistance of the Washington regime, comes the barbarian flood of the Moscow Red Army into the heart of Europe.

Where yesterday the Resurgence of Faith and Authority had stood up to open the way into the European Future, where the will-to-power, to order and achievement, to plenty and to beauty, had gone calmly ahead with its work, today the hysterical legalism of excited Jews and dead liberals enforces a grisly and monstrous terror against the peoples of Europe. Replacing the one will to unit and power, there are now a multitude of parliamentary houses where every day the soul of Europe is bought and sold, and where the economic existence of European humanity is treated as an entry in the ledger of the American foreign ministry. The triumphant disease-elements have destroyed the stability and the order of the economy of Europe, and have brought in universal poverty to replace the security and plenty which are Europe's right. With their disintegration, cut-throat capitalism, petty statism, senseless competition, and canonized selfishness, they have created want and insecurity, hunger, malnutrition, unemployment, despair and suicide. When they hang the chain of economic dependence on America around our necks, they expect a song of gratitude from the peoples of Europe, who have known independence and grandeur, but who have never known slavery.

This also we lay to their charge. The disease-elements of liberal-communist-democracy, the inner enemy of Europe, have sought to destroy permanently, and have temporarily brought low, the Cultural unity of Europe, which served to unite all the peoples through the superior Cultural bond, holding them, even in war with one another, to chivalrous usages, mutual self-respect, and political restraint. They have done it, and they cannot explain it away for these results have flowed of necessity from their inverted outlook and their dishonourable methods.

Nor is this yet all: with its social degeneration of more than a century, with its undermining of the Cultural unity of Europe by intensifying the petty-statism, chauvinism, and vertical nationalism, the coalition of Jewish Culture-distortion and liberal-communist-democratic Culture-retardation has accomplished automatically a third result, namely in the political relationship of Europe to the rest of the world.

C. The Destruction of Europe’s World-Empire

In 1900 the affairs of 9/10ths of the surface of the earth were ordered directly from European capitals. This was the World-Empire of Europe. This empire was the basis of the power, the security, the prosperity, yes, the very existence of Europe's peoples. In reality this Empire was simply and solely European, and its superficial organization as a collection of empires -- French, English, German -- was only apparent. But the internal tension created by petty-statism was generating a centrifugal tendency within the European Empire, and extra-European forces were exploiting this tendency. In particular, a revolt was spreading among the coloured races. The only way the great World-Empire could maintain its world-strength was by firmer integration in order to uphold its mastery and reverse the diffusion of power.

The final proof of the organic unity of this World-Empire was the fact that no single European Nation-State could injure the power of another European Nation-State without at the same time injuring itself in an equal or greater measure. But this ruling organic fact was ignored, and the tragedy of the First World War, the creation of the Culture-retarders, the chauvinists, jingoists, and vertical nationalists, was the price Europe paid for the presence of Culture-disease. Any coloured or extra-European troops whatever that fought in this war were fighting against all Europe. Any extra-European fleets that participated were fighting the sea-power of Europe.

The demonstration of these organic facts was the new situation created by the war. The English fleet, the chief upholder of European power on the seas of the world was defeated by the extra-European sea power of Japan and America. The new arbiters of the destinies of the earth-ball were the extra-European forces, Japan, America, and Russia.

Before the First World War, Russia had figured as a Western State. Its ruling strata, its ruling outlook, were Western. The tension which existed between the Western elements of Russia and the Asiatic will-to-destruction underneath was however strained to the breaking point by the First World War, and the Asiatic elements, in conjunction with and assisted by the Culture-State-Nation-Race-People-Society of the Jew all over the world, gained the upper hand and re-oriented Russia against Europe. From then onward, and also today, 1950, Russia figures as one of the leaders of the coloured revolt against the European race. But European possibilities still exist within Russia, because in certain strata of the population adherence to the great organism of the Western Culture is an instinct, an Idea, and no material force can ever wipe it out, even though it may be temporarily repressed and driven under.

The First World War showed, to those who did not know the difference, the mutual independence of military and political Victory. Thus, although Russia was defeated in the field, it emerged from the war with increased power and voice in the affairs of the world. Japan, which took no military part in the war, was a leading political victor. Although England was supposedly victorious in the fight it lost its power in the Pacific to Japan and America, its power in the Western Hemisphere to America, its naval hegemony to Japan and America, and its world-prestige to the coloured revolt against the European race. The European-English Raj in India was completely undermined by the war, and the successful Indian Mutiny in 1947 stems directly from the First World War.

But the Culture-retarders had not finished their work. They had found a Europe which controlled 9/10ths of the surface of the planet. With their suicidal war, they had reduced the empire to the point where it controlled 2/10ths of the world, but their destructive potentialities and instincts were not yet exhausted. They formulated a league of nations to strangle Europe and to admit the entire world into the direction of Europe's internal affairs; they asserted their system of degeneration, destruction and death was the legal system, and that it could never be changed. Law does not exist to express and to serve life, no, these liberal-communist-democrats said that Life exists in order to serve the Law. This old Testament legalism determined to forever prevent Europe from rising again out of the general defeat of the First World War and from reconquering the world-domain which belongs to it by virtue of its strength of will, its organizatory ability, its necessity of self-expression, its irrepressible instinct, its Destiny and its Faith. Here, as always, the various forms of Culture-disease showed their natural affinity. The Culture-distorting Jewish State-Nation-Race supplemented the efforts of the Culture-retarders to hold Europe down and back, to strangle it economically, and to force the dispersion of the European populations over the earth as despairing poverty-stricken, futureless emigrants.

All the disease-elements united in the negation and hatred of the great European Resurgence of Authority. The conquest of the savage negro landscape of Abyssinia by the European race was diabolically represented as a "crime" by the Jewish democratic-liberal-communist disease. While the soul of Europe throbbed with renewed hope and vigour at this manifestation of its old eternally-young reassertion of its will and its Destiny, the disease-elements embarked on the preparation of a treacherous and dishonourable war forever to destroy the European World-Empire, the European homeland, the soul of Europe, and the high Destiny of Europe.

They sought to open the war in European Spain in 1936. Russian Bolshevism sent agents and arms, Hollywood-American Bolshevism sent military and financial assistance, Jewish Bolshevism sent leaders and organizers. The liberal-communist-democratic gang all over the Western world, the inner enemy of the West, waxed enthusiastic, and from their ranks flowed a stream of conscripts on their mission of destruction. But Europe reacted as a unit and frustrated the Bolshevik-trinity of the outer enemies.

The next attempt was on the European frontier of Bohemia in 1938. Again, the four leading units of Europe mutually joined to prevent the destruction of the Empire and organism of Europe. Therefore, the next assault was more carefully prepared and preceded by a thorough organization of the Culture-retarding elements for the supreme treason of creating a Second World War in the form of a senseless struggle within the European organism. All the world knew that such a war, if prolonged, could only ruin the European Empire and every people and province of Europe. Even the traitors knew it in part of their souls, but a traitor is wilfully blind. Treason is nothing but incapacity when it becomes resolute. If it had not been clear to them before the war, it was made clear during the war. The Architect of the War, the crypto-Culture-distorter Roosevelt, expressly stated his two war-aims to his churchills as the destruction of the German State and the English Empire, the two halves of the body of Europe, the foundation and the edifice of the European Empire.

This was their Second World War. It was made possible only by the treason of the inner enemy, the liberal-communist-democrat. No force within the Western Culture could even think of opposing successfully the powerful wave of Destiny sweeping through Europe, the Resurgence of Authority and the will-to-Imperium. But in their crooked, dark, and jealous hatred of greatness and grandeur, the liberal-communist-democrats, the class-warriors and finance-capitalists, the materialists and parliamentarians, called in the outer forces, the Bolshevisms of Washington, Moscow, and Tel-Aviv, and invited them to do the destruction to which they were not equal. Chauvinism and jingoism were merely techniques, and they could not inspirit any Europeans. The burden of the fighting was borne by the extra-European forces, for European troops simply were not equal spiritually to a contest against the organism of Europe.

The very tactics of the war were in the pattern of negation and hatred. The extra-European forces, led by the Culture-distorter, evolved the principle that the purpose of warfare is to destroy the civilian population of the arbitrarily-chosen enemy. The industrial life of Europe was unimpaired, the armies were intact, but the American-Jew and the Jewish-American continued their war against homes and families, while the forces of Asiatic Russia carried on the real, the military war. The warfare of revenge and hatred from the air was a deterrent to the military victory of the American-Jewish synthesis, but that did not matter, for their mission was not political victory, but total destruction, destruction of the Culture-People-Race-Society of Europe. Thus, the military assistance to Russia was not on a political basis, but was given recklessly, without any thought to the future, because the Washington-Tel-Aviv alliance was not even thinking of increasing its own power or of building a world-empire for itself, but simply, solely, and only, of destroying the Empire, the organism, and the Destiny of Europe. Consequently, American-Jewry negotiated a generous peace with Japan, which recognized the victory of the Japanese mission in the Orient, and in the occupation of Japan, a policy of friendship, benevolence and reconstruction was put into effect. Their exploitation of victory was in the same twisted and crooked pattern as their own souls. Their great, compulsion is the inversion of every truth and the perversion of all higher life.

At the beginning of their efforts to create the Second World War in the form which they gave to it, they found a Europe which was master of its own territory and ruler of 1/5th of the world. At the end of their war, they were able to survey the Europe of their own creation. Europe stripped of its world-empire and occupied by extra-European forces, economically dependent on them as a slave upon his master.

In this Europe of liberal-democracy, the enemies of Europe proceeded to exploit their victory. Drunk with their power they began to kill en masse those who had opposed them and who had devoted their lives to furthering the Destiny of Europe. Even in murder, they could not be straight: they had to find Old-Testament reasons, legalistic rituals, to mask their murders. They invented, and sought to engraft onto the Culture of Europe, the device of the scaffold-trial. They revelled, they gloated, they prolonged their greatest Mosaic trial of all for a year. They sought to humiliate their victims in life by every imaginable meanness, and in death they thought to deprive their victims of historical rank by the hateful and stupid trick of distributing their ashes over the landscape. They tore into shreds the chivalrous traditions of treatment of war-prisoners, and twisted the Geneva Convention out of shape by assorting it gave them power to hang any soldier as a criminal who had opposed the victory of the American-Jewish-liberal-democratic forces. The more they widen their Mosaic ritual of trial-killing, the more transparent it is to Europe that it is two worlds which are here in front of one another, and that this conflict cannot be settled in an Old-Testament courtroom, but will grow and continue, deepen and intensify, until the Culture-alien is expelled totally and finally from the sacred soil of the West.

Their terror includes every land of Europe, despite their pretence that it is isolated. The trick of showing a smiling face to part of Europe and concentrating the hostility onto another part of Europe deceives no one. As long as the Culture-retarders who administer Europe remain docile, accept American food rations, service American investments, and receive American garrisons, the Washington regime will smile. But Europe has seen the other face of the American-Jew and the Jewish-American, devoid alike of sympathy, wisdom, and policy, cruel, sneering and stupidly arrogant. This attempt to divide Europe might perhaps succeed if the feeling of comradeship were absent from European populations. But a thousand years of Cultural unity, of the same experiences in every realm, of the same sufferings, even at one another's hands, has united the Europeans indissolubly. They know it now more than ever before, for they have learnt it anew under the Jewish-American lash.

Lastly, we lay to the charge of the inner enemy that he has destroyed the World-Empire of Europe with his vertical nationalism and petty-statism, and by his vassalage to the Bolshevism of Washington, Moscow, and the Culture-State-Nation-Race-People of the Jew. He has thus destroyed the power of every European State, and has turned over the soil of Europe to outer enemies.

III. The Mission of the Liberation Front

Europe knows the identity of the inner enemy and that for which he is responsible. It knows that he is the worst enemy of Europe, because he masquerades as a European, but Europe has outer enemies toward whom also it must adopt a definitive position.

The outer enemies are the Bolshevik regime of Moscow, the Jewish-American Bolshevik regime of Washington, and the Culture-State-Nation-Race of the Jew, which has now created a new centre of intrigue for itself in Tel-Aviv, a secondary New York.

The outer enemies are today the arbiters of Europe. They have set up their alternative to the natural, destined Europe of Authority and Faith: Europe as a source of booty for extra-European forces; Europe as a reservoir of man-power for the disposition of the American generalate; Europe as a loan-market for the New York financier; Europe as a beggar-colony watching for crumbs from the table of rich America; Europe as a historical sight for visiting colonials, a place where once there were great happenings; Europe as a museum, a mausoleum; Europe as a moribund collection of petty-states and squabbling peoples; Europe as an economic mad-house where every tiny unit is against every other; Europe as a backward population waiting for reeducation by the American world-clown and the sadistic Jew; Europe, as a laboratory for gigantic social experiments by Moscow and for the genocide experimentation of New York and Tel-Aviv; Europe as a Black Mass of scaffold-trials, backward-looking persecution, treason, terror, despair and suicide.

And a mere fifty years ago, Europe was a proud independent organism, sure of Itself and master of the world. The sacred soil of the Western Culture is now occupied by the Mongols, Turkestani, and Kirghizians of Asia, by the Negroes of America, the Senegalese of Africa, the Jews from the pavements of the world. This is democratic Europe, liberal Europe.

But these conditions are only external, material. The soul of Europe cannot be occupied, ruled, or dominated by Culture-aliens. Only a materialist could think that the possession of the tangible appurtenances of power guarantees the eternal continuance of power. If that had been so, a few castes and States would have always ruled the world, from its beginning. But, in the ultimate test, power is the reflection of inner qualities, and these qualities are not possessed by any of the outer enemies of Europe. Their transitory empires are built on sand, because underlying them there is no superpersonal soul, no World-Mission, no World-Idea, no Destiny. Even in our short lives we have seen empires come and go, and the temporary power-agglomerations of Moscow and Washington will go the same way.

The outer enemies of Europe are doomed just as the inner enemy is. Time is against the inner enemy, because History cannot go backward, even if for a short time backward-looking dotards may try to force History to share the death-rattle with them.

And so with these crude and heterogeneous things that the Moscow barbarian and the Washington Jew like to think are empires. They will vanish like the morning mist under the bright rays of History. The Future belongs only to those who have the Inner Imperative to actualize a World-Idea latent in them, and there is only one source of this Imperative. It cannot be invented artificially, it must be organic, and no man or men can make it. It derives from the basic cosmic-spiritual origin of the universe, itself, derives from God.

Thus, the Liberation Front now states to Europe its two great tasks: (1) the complete expulsion of everything alien from the soul and from the soil of Europe, the cleansing of the European soul of the dross of 19th century materialism and rationalism with its money-worship, liberal-democracy, social degeneration, parliamentarism, class-war, feminism, vertical nationalism, finance-capitalism, petty-statism, chauvinism, the Bolshevism of Moscow and Washington, the ethical syphilis of Hollywood, and the spiritual leprosy of New York; (2) the construction of the Imperium of Europe and the actualizing of the divinely-emanated European will to unlimited political Imperialism.

Replacing the Culture-disease of extra-Europeans and traitors are the pristine ethical values of Europe: Authority, Faith, Discipline, Duty, Order, Hierarchy, Fertility, Will-to-Power.

This Proclamation is thus a Declaration of War.

In this War, the Liberation Front speaks for Europe, it represents Europe, it is the custodian of Europe's Destiny. It is thus clothed with the mantle of superpersonal invincibility that is the attribute of the European organism. No massacres, and no scaffold-trials, no terror or persecution can touch this force; the cannon and bayonets of Washington cannot harm it, but in the end it will dissolve them. It will drive the Jewish-American forces into the seas, it will throw the Asiatic armies of Moscow back into the remoteness of Asia.

In this struggle, all the former peoples, races, and nations of Europe coalesce, for in the beginning the war is solely a horizontal one:

Race now means, in Europe, the duality of having honour and pride;

People means the we-feeling of all Europeans;

Nation now means the organism of Europe Itself.

English, German, French, Italian, Spanish -- these are now mere place-names and linguistic variations. Like all of the other rich products of our great Culture, they will continue but they are no longer political terms. Local cultures in Europe may be as diversified as they wish, and they will enjoy a perfect autonomy in the European Imperium, now that the oppression of vertical nationalism is dead. Anyone who seeks to perpetuate petty-statism or old-fashioned nationalism is the inner enemy of Europe. He is playing the game, of the extra-European forces, he is dividing Europe and committing treason.

Treason now has only one meaning to Europe: it means serving any other force than Europe. There is only one treason now, treason to Europe. The nations are dead, for Europe is born.

The Liberation Front does not allow Europe to be distracted by the situation of the moment, in which the two crude Bolshevisms of Washington and Moscow are preparing a Third World War. In those preparations, the Culture-retarders, the inner enemies, the liberal-communist-democrats are again at their posts: with one voice the churchills, the spaaks, the lies, the gaulles, croak that Washington is going to save Europe from Moscow, or that Moscow is going to take Europe from Washington. There is nothing to substantiate this propaganda. The fact is that only American intervention in the Second World War prevented Europe from completely destroying Bolshevik Russia, as a political unit. The present Russian Empire is thus the creation of America. Never in the 500 years of Russian history has Russia been able to make its way unaided into Europe. It invaded Prussia against the great Frederick only when aided by France, Austria and Sweden. It invaded France in 1814 and 1815 only when assisted by England, Austria and Prussia. It invaded Europe in 1945 only by the help of America. Russia is only a threat to a divided Europe; a united Europe can destroy the power of Russia at the moment of its choosing. It is a crass lie to say that Europe cannot defend itself against Russia. Do they think it is possible for Europe to forget the knowledge that it has just purchased with the blood of millions of its sons? Do they believe that Europe can forget that the Jewish-American regime, and it alone, brought the Red Armies into the heart of Europe? Is it possible that they think that Europe can forget that the inner enemy with his liberal-communist-democracy led Europe into this abyss? Europe remembers, and it knows the liberal-democrat as the creature of the abyss, the spirit of negation who seeks an ever-lower abyss. He destroyed a world-Empire, and now he asks for the confidence of Europe for a new crusade.

Washington's programme is to conscript the Europeans -- what it cynically calls the "man-power" of Europe -- and thus to spare the jitterbugs of North America the losses of arduous campaigns against Russia. Abysmal stupidity motivates this wish-thought. Do they really think that Europeans will accomplish military wonders fighting against one enemy of Europe on behalf of another? Do they think an American-Jewish High Command inspires the feelings necessary in a European officer-corps to elicit its heroic instincts?

No, Europe is no more interested in this projected war than in a struggle between two negro tribes in the Sudan.

The European struggle is the fight for the liberation of our sacred soil and our Western soul. It is a horizontal struggle, against all enemies of Europe, inner enemies and extra-European forces, whoever they are. Before Europe can fight a vertical war, it must be constituted as the Imperium of Europe, the organic Culture-State-Nation-Race-People of the West. And when Europe makes war then, it will, be against the political enemy of its own choosing, and at the time of its choosing. In these decisions, Jew, Moscow, and Washington will figure not at all. The propaganda of the American-Jew and the Jewish-American deceives no one. With their talk of a struggle between "East" and "West" they hope to entice the marginal minds of Europe into cooperation with them. But to us, the West is a word containing a divinely-emanated Mission, a sacred word, and it does not refer to America, to Russia, or to the Jew, but solely to the sacred soil of Europe and to the European organism.

All extra-European forces on European soil are enemies to precisely the same extent and in exactly the same degree. Europe will never fight for any extra-European force; Europe will never enter into any relationship in which it is not master; the outcome of wars between extra-European forces is a matter of indifference to the future of Europe.

The crude power structures of Washington and Moscow have no Past, and therefore no Future. They are without Tradition, without a World-Mission, without a Nation-Idea, without a Destiny, without organic unity, without a State, and without Imperial possibilities. Both of these formless things are mere pale caricatures of the one, true, World-Mission, which inheres in Europe alone. This Mission does not arise from human will, but is a direct emanation of God.

In this great struggle for the Liberation of Europe, every European of race, honour, and pride belongs with us, regardless of his provenance. The only Europeans outside of our ranks are the Culture-traitors, the disease of our Age. The Liberation Front itself is the provisional form of the European nation, and it will endure until the permanent form of the European Imperium is established.

In the mission of the Liberation of Europe, the exact date of final accomplishment is secondary to us, precisely because we know that our victory is already determined.

With every decade, every year, that goes by the European will to the perfect union and full flowering which are its Destiny becomes stronger. Our will is unbroken, our resolution stronger than ever a European resolution before us. With massive calmness we enter upon this greatest of all tasks to which ever European men have dedicated themselves.

Against the bayonets and cannon of the extra-European forces we oppose a will harder than their steel, which will wrench their weapons and their power from their grasp. With contempt we will grind the inner enemy into the dirt.

A millennium of European history, of joy and sacrifice, of heroism and nobility, impel us to our task. To the blood that has flowed on the sacred soil of Europe we shall add the blood of our enemies. We shall continue until Europe is freed from its enemies, and the European banner floats over its own soil from Galway to Memelland and from North Cape to Gibraltar.

Europe Awake!